A Prophetic Message for the Nation of Israel Today.

The video below features a short paraphrased discourse from my book
“Hold Your Horses”.

Did you know that each person’s name in the Bible has a meaning?  For example Adam’s name means ‘man’, Seth’s name means ‘appointed’ and so on. There is a fascinating occurrence in God’s Word where if you take the ten patriarchs names beginning from Adam through to Noah they create a sentence that brings us the message of salvation.  A Jewish orthodox women Sharon Allen, was converted to Christ by finding the message in the patriarchs names in the Torah; see her story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MkJjLxZai8  A message not only occurs in the ten patriarchs names but is also found in the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  You may think that it is just a coincidence, or that people have manipulated the Scriptures. In my video I cover these two examples to show you this particular phenomena as a lead in to revealing a very profound prophetic message from God for Israel today through its leaders.

God says in 2 Chronicles 20 verse 6 and Romans 13 verses 1 & 2 that there are no authorities on earth except the ones that He has appointed, so this begs the question, if the people of Israel are in fact ‘God’s Chosen People’, (which some Christians either question or deny) wouldn’t you expect that all of  the names of Israel’s Prime Ministers from its establishment almost 70 years ago would contain a message from God for the nation of Israel today, since the patriarchs of old carried a message in their names?

Check out my short video below to see just what that message is (the narrator is Alan Shanks). When I saw the message appearing before my eyes as I researched the meaning of each of the Prime Ministers names I was astounded and convinced of God’s hand in it all. © D A Cleland.