Why The Rapture CANNOT Occur in Revelation 4

Many popular teachers of today preach that the Rapture of the Church occurs in Revelation Chapter 4.  I believe in order to clearly determine when the seals are opened, it is vitally important to establish the correct time that John arrived in heaven. His arrival provides the reference point or ‘place on the map’ so that the reader can establish his or her bearings. There are important questions that arise from the text that must be answered, and it is crucial that the chapters leading up to John’s entry into heaven are considered to see how they relate to the sequence of events that occur in heaven in the lead up to the opening of the seven seals, so that everything is seen in its proper context.

Here in my video below, I read the section from my new book which reveals why the interpretation presented by well-known preachers is questionable.

I hope you will go away with a better understanding of this passage.

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