Hold Your Horses: Revelation 6

By Author D A Cleland

The Black Horse of Revelation is usually depicted as a mysterious skeletal figure, draped in a black hooded robe, holding out a pair of scales in his thin bony hand, unleashing famine on the earth.

But is this imagery correct? Or do we have a case of Mistaken Identity?

While researching the significance of ‘barley’ in scripture, D A Cleland came across a Jewish Rabbinical Tradition stating that whenever barley is ‘mentioned’ in the text in the Old Testament, the outcome invariably for the Israelite’s resulted in God’s ‘protection and deliverance from hunger and death’, and His ‘abundant provision’.

After conscientious study this was found to be true, even in the New Testament but when examining the Black Horse of Revelation (seeing that barley was mentioned in the text) a more in-depth study ensued which unearthed some surprising and unexpected results that are revealed in this new Bible Prophecy book ‘Hold Your Horses’!

The real clinchers in relation to the Black Horse are the Denarius and the Balances and what they signify together. These two elements are the essential keys that confirm without a doubt who rides the mysterious Black Horse of Revelation 6.

It is believed that the evidence presented in this new book about the Denarius and Balances has never been explored before.

‘Hold Your Horses’ provides a truly exhaustive study on the Four Horsemen, for the Bible student who wishes to dig much deeper on this subject.

For More information and the opportunity to read the first pages check out http://www.revelation6.com

Please Note: I did not write this book to make a profit, I wrote it only to bring to light what the Lord showed me through the entirety of Scripture, so that others may be blessed. Any proceeds are going to the Dunedin Salvation Army Community Ministries/ Food Bank.


Special Thanks to Andrew Killick Castle Publishing