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Coming to faith in God over 38 years ago in my early twenties; I attended a church that taught the stories of the Old Testament, however these stories were often taught in isolation from the rest of Scripture. It was as I began to study the Word of God for myself that I saw how the whole of the Bible is intricately interwoven and that there are very distinct patterns throughout that are repeated time and again.  These patterns recorded in the Old Testament were lived out in reality through the patriarch’s lives and display picture types which help the reader to understand what God was going to do for mankind through Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Really the New Testament can only be fully understood by encompassing the bulk of Scripture from the Old Testament and particularly from a Hebrew perspective.  Once I saw how everything was intertwined, the whole Bible then came to life for me. I also found that the Word of God is better understood when the Greek and Hebrew texts are fully researched, otherwise there is so much that is missed in translation.  This manner of studying helps to illuminate more what the text is truly saying.

While this website was created initially to promote my book “Hold Your Horses”, I felt it would be a great opportunity to share some biblical insights that have been shown to me. My hope is that you will find the articles I submit each month informative, of true value, and that you will be encouraged and blessed and will come to a greater and deeper knowledge of God.

On a personal level I have spoken and sang at various Christian women’s groups in the Otago region (New Zealand), and taught Religious Instruction in schools for many years. I am married to Maurice  (41 years) who is one of my biggest supporters and we have four grown children and six grandchildren.

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Yours in Christ.

D A Cleland.