Hold Your Horses: Revelation 6

Announcing THE NEW EDITION of ‘Hold Your Horses’ The Four Horsemen of Revelation Re-examined.


About the Black Horse of Revelation 6

The rider on the Black Horse is usually depicted as a mysterious skeletal figure, draped in a black hooded robe, holding out a pair of scales in his thin bony hand, unleashing famine on the earth but is this picture correct?

I had initially been researching what ‘barley’ represented in scripture and came across a Jewish website, where Jewish Rabbinical Tradition states, that whenever barley is ‘mentioned’ in the text in the Old Testament the outcome invariably for the Israelite’s resulted in God’s protection and ‘deliverance from hunger and death’, and His ‘abundant provision’. After investigating for myself I found that this claim was true, even in the New Testament but when examining the Black Horse of Revelation (seeing that barley was mentioned in the text), I immediately saw that something was amiss, as I had always believed (for over 30 years) that the Black horse BROUGHT ‘famine’. This new evidence put me in a quandary over the interpretation given by most Bible scholars and teachers on the passage in question. I spent almost two years on and off examining all of the symbols in relation to the Four Horsemen, using scripture as my guide and keeping faithful to the ‘entirety’ of the Biblical text, by using the principal of the ‘Law of First Mention’. This type of exegesis identifies consistent patterns that occur time and time again in scripture to bring out the correct meaning of each symbol. I have also gone right back to the root words in the Greek for interpretation.

The real clinchers in relation to the Black Horse are the Denarius and the Balances and what they signify together. These two elements are the essential keys that confirm without a doubt who rides the mysterious Black Horse of Revelation. I believe the evidence that I present in my new book about the Denarius and Balances has never been explored before.

After examining over seventy Bible commentaries I was surprised to find that NOT ONE OF THE WRITERS had studied any of the symbols of the Four Horsemen by using the ‘Law of First Mention’ going forward through scripture to help clearly ascertain what the symbols would mean. This type of exposition I believe is A FIRST for Revelation 6.  I have not only used the ‘Law of First Mention’ to help interpret the scriptures around the Four Horsemen but I have employed other methods as well, which interestingly enough arrive at the very same conclusions!

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The reason for the new edition.

After being challenged on a couple of points and discovering some important new evidence which added more weight to what I had covered in my first book, it became apparent it was time to publish a new edition of ‘Hold Your Horses’. I am pleased to present this more comprehensive and complete version of the book.

One of the points I had been challenged on, was the timing of the opening of the seals. I have noted that there are some important questions that arise from the text in the lead up to John’s entry into heaven; and in relation to the events that occur in heaven before the seals are opened.  These glaring questions have not been tackled by others.  I however address them in fine detail in the ‘new edition of my book’ to show why these questions, when answered, help to establish the time that the seals are opened which in turn helps to accurately identify the rider on the White Horse.

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‘Hold Your Horses’ by D A Cleland, effectively uses interpretation of scripture by
careful objective analysis to arrive at the purpose of the horses of Revelation.

By using the sound method of exegesis, we discover that these horses were always present throughout the Old Testament. They always had their work to do. Now their objective comes to fruition in the Book of Revelation.

‘Hold Your Horses’ therefore presents another piece of the puzzle, where previously renowned scholars have often floundered by presenting an incorrect interpretation of this subject.

A thought provoking read.”

Virginia Nolan ‘The God Ultimatum’

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